Friday, May 12, 2017


How 60 seconds of your time could save you thousands

It's my spring money-saving and comfort reminder... yes folks it's that time again looks like we will be blessed with some terrific weather over the next few weeks

Image result for dog and fanEvery year I always  like to remind everyone it's very important to turn down or shut off your whole house humidifier for the summer the main purpose of your AC unit is to take humidity out of the air and  a sometimes  we forget to shut down the whole house humidifier which
obviously defeats the purpose of having the air-conditioning on

so before calling the AC guy thinking the AC is not working correctly make sure you shut down your whole house humidifierfor the summer

The second thing you want to check are the batteries in your thermostat, yes your thermostat may have wires coming out of the back… The chances are if it's a programmable thermostat it's using battery power... not a bad idea to make an investment in a couple of new batteries per the thermostats instruction manual if you threw it away chances are excellent you will find a copy online

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