Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video- First Time Buyer, How Much Can You Afford?

First Time Buyers Have Lot's of Questions  the Main one is...What can you comfortably afford?
Learn how the relationship between your income and total debt could affect your home buying budget.

Know your debt-to-income ratio, which is the percentage of your monthly income that is spent on debt.
  • Talk to a lender before you go house hunting so you focus your search on homes you can comfortably afford.
Find a Trust Worthy Realtor who you feel comfortable with and can walk you trough all the steps of the process.

Feel free to contact me with any questions... All my best, Neal

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Baird & Warner redefines real estate search

Baird & Warner has done this with the launch of our new website
. Watch this video to get a sense as to what’s possible with Baird & Warner’s new search processes.

With the launch of our new site, we give options to consumers to personalize their search process, from Local Search, Neighborhood Search, Lifestyle Search, Map Search, and Proximity Search.

Baird & Warner redefines real estate search

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who are The First Time Home Buyers?

 Here are the Latest Statistics from the National Association of Realtors. InfoGraphic by KCM
Click it and blow it up
Purchasing your first home can be a scary thing.
( I know... I did it too)

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. If you are a first-time home buyer, you may be wondering if it is even the right thing for you to do. Generally, there are a few good reasons to buy that you should consider.

Home ownership is an investment in your future. It is the American Dream. Owning your home gives you a sense of pride, stability and security.

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If you need some help, information or have questions on how to get started, Feel free to contact me.

My motto is... "I will not Sell you a home.. I WILL help you find find a home you can afford and take care of all the details"

 All my Best,  Neal Paskvan- Baird Warner            

Monday, March 19, 2012

DOWNERS GROVE Homes On Average 12,551 Homes Sell Every Day in the U.S.


Here is a Breakdown of who the Buyers are.

12,521 Homes Sell every Day InfoGraphics-

The Facts Show  If you are FIRST TIME BUYER, Investor or CASH buyer, your investment will pay off.

If your Goal is to find a place of your own, and make it your Home, a Home where you can live the lifestyle you want to live, Now, may be the right time to take the first step.

Contact me if you would like to explore the the possibilities of having a home of your own. No cost consultation.

Neal Paskvan- DOWNRES GROVE Homes for Sale-Baird and Warner



*No one telling you where to park of if you can have a pet.  No more waiting for the the washer and dryer to be available.. No more  concerns about who may is moving into the space  above or below or next to you. No one telling you when to turn the music down and well you get the idea.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Short Sale Success: What is an Acceptable Hardship?


Abigstockphoto_So_Sad_Neal Paskvan282x300 short sale, in most instances, is a complex transaction. However, there are two very simplistic characteristics that every qualified short sale possesses:

  1. The house must be valued at less than the homeowner owes on their mortgage debt obligation. In other words, the home must be “underwater”.
  2. The homeowner must have a qualified hardship.

It is the second characteristic that we would like to touch upon in this blog post.

One question that we answer frequently is “My house is underwater. Is this an acceptable hardship?” Unfortunately, the answer is always “No.”

The simple fact that a homeowners mortgage obligation is in excess of their house value is not an acceptable hardship. A Short Selling bank will entertain a short sale when and only when there is a hardship that will, now or in the future, affect the borrower’s ability to pay their mortgage.

The following is a list of acceptable hardships that may be used when submitting a short sale package:

  • Mortgage Rate Adjustments
  • Loss of Employment or Reduction in Wages
  • Business Failure
  • Medical Hardship
  • Death in the Family
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Military Service
  • Overwhelming Debt Obligations
  • Job Relocation

As always, should you have questions as to the acceptability of a hardship scenario, you should seek advice from an expert that has been trained in the short sale field. Look for the REALTOR®  Designation.

SFR Logo- Neal Paskvan    Neal Paskvan  a Downers Grove Real Estate Broker holds the SFR Designation and may be able  to help

Reach Neal with Barird Warner at 630-964-1855 or e-mail him at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NAR affordability index breaks new threshold | Housing Wire


Downers Grove Homes for Sale Neal PaskvanThe National Association of Realtors' affordability index broke the 200 mark for the first time ever, rising to   206.1 in January.

NAR President Moe Veissi said the breakthrough means a typical family has roughly double the income needed to purchase a median-priced home.

“For buyers who can qualify for a mortgage, now is a very good time to become a homeowner," he said.

The index is based on the relationship between median home price, median family income and average mortgage interest rate. A score of 100 is defined as the point where a median-income household has exactly enough income to qualify for the purchase of a median-priced, existing single-family home.

Considering the likelihood that interest rates and home prices will change little in the near future, NAR projects its affordability index to remain at elevated levels throughout 2012.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

InfoGraphicShadow Inventory levels for each state.

InfoGraphic Attention Readers: At the end of last year, we posted a graphic showing Shadow Inventory levels for each state. This graphic is a much more accurate measure.

Neal... What the heck is Shadow Inventory? Read on- DOWNERS GROVE Real Estate

Definition of 'Shadow Inventory'

A term that refers to real estate properties that are either in foreclosure and have not yet been sold or homes that owners are delaying putting on the market until prices improve. Shadow inventory can create uncertainty about the best time to sell (for owners) and when a local market can expect full recovery. Also, shadow inventory typically causes reported data on housing inventory to understate the actual number of inventory in the market.

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